About Us

Dream Sports Fields Pvt Ltd. was established in the year 2010 and launched its first field in Inorbit Mall Malad. Today, it is known as India’s largest sports infrastructure company. It was created for the sole reason of promoting outdoor sports in an indoor, mini environment allowing for a quick, cardio exercise for all age groups. Hence, our tagline 'Now Everyone Can Play Sports!' We now have 16 centres all over India and the cities include; Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Raipur, and are opening up soon in the Northern and Southern region.
The company has grown exponentially with bookings occupied on almost all the slots during both weekends and weekdays. We have now become a reputed brand and have managed to branch out to more premium malls, commercial properties and educational facilities. We aspire to boost a plethora of indoor sports by continuing to provide high-end international facilities. The company wishes to expand on its success by attracting major sponsors to host tournaments that have the potential to reach out to national and international level and broadcast games.

We run on the belief that if you love a game, nothing else should come in the way. Be it football, cricket, volleyball or basketball. We have organized over hundreds of events ranging from birthday parties to corporate matches to properties and evolved over time to cater to their needs from management to cost efficiency. Since 2012 all our centers have had a weather synthetic turf installed. This turf mimics the biomechanics of actual grass that can withstand the harshest weather so you can play the sport of your choice, at your convenience.