Our fields entertain variant sports formats. As of now, we have soccer and cricket fields. The new centers however, will be launched with basketball and volleyball centers. Although it may be different in style from the conventional sports standards, it is equally if not more enjoyable. It allows for players to be in a more homely atmosphere where they can build their confidence, or simply practice the already acquired skills.

The dimensions and layout of each field help a player to hone in on aspects such as cardio, accuracy, speed and many such attributes. Something you won’t get to do on an actual pitch without a strong foundation of the sport. Over time we have seen our regulars excel at the sport they play, improving many aspects of their game to extreme heights. These variant sports formats are becoming popularized globally as they now have 5-Aside soccer cups and Indoor Cricket Tournaments. So who knows? You may be in a renowned roster next.

It is pivotal to know the game to get the most out of your experience with us. The first rule to a fruitful experience is to comprehend the rules of the field and sport. Click under the know your tab section and select the sport. We guarantee that your knowledge of the variant sport and persistence will make you a better player or just simply a more physically active person, if that is what you are looking for.