Organizing more than hundreds of events in the last few years have ensured that we pay attention to all the minute details of our customer requirements. We can handle any kind of event ranging from your child’s birthday party to your organization’s corporate tournament to organizing a league or property of our own. Our events are categorized into Tournaments & Sporting Days, their details are mentioned below.

In the case of Soccer and Cricket tournaments, these are organized either in knockout or league formats. A knockout tournament is where teams and matches are organized in multiples of 2 and every team that loses gets knocked out. In case of a league event, these are organized such that every team gets to play multiple matches over a long or short period of time. So all you need to do is pick a sport, select a date and time and choose an event type and a package and leave the rest to us

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Currently tournaments are being offered for corporates and individuals. If you are a corporate company looking to have an exciting event for your employees, just choose a sport and the type of event – either knock out or league and the type of package from our vast options. If you are an individual (event company or just a regular player) looking to organize a tournament, you can do the same. Either ways we are flexible in terms of the event layout and can come up with a plan to suit you or your company needs!


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If you are looking to have an exciting and sporty birthday party for your child, look no further. Dream Sports Fields is dedicated to make it an unforgettable experience for the special person and their friends. Our events kick off with a full-fledged match and games in our state of the art soccer and cricket centers. We provide a wide array of children’s games, a customized cake for the day upon request and invitations that can be sent out to the guests before the special day. Our staff has been trained to provide you with a completely hassle free event. With many options to choose from, click on the packages or customize your own. Very soon our sporting days will have features for HR Training activities and carnivals and fairs for schools and colleges.